Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara #1 (Volume and Long Lash)

Tony Moly always makes such incredibly cute products, and Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara #1 (Volume and Long Lash) is no exception! I bought this mascara a couple of month ago, and I've been lovin' it. 

 Where to get it:

Description: Tonymoly Cats Wink Mascara comes in a cute cat container. Its highly vivid black color gives sharp eyes. To remove product all you need to do is wash eyelashes off with lukewarm water, so you may avoid harsh makeup removers. Elongates and volumizes your lashes with its unique fiber properties. It will accentuate your lashes all day with its long-lasting formula. (from

I would also like to note that there are two different versions- one is for volume (#1) and one is for curl (#2). Both give length! I'm reviewing #1, because my lashes are naturally curly.

Packaging: INCREDIBLY ADORABLE. Maybe it's simply my love for cats, but I'm pretty sure there is no one in the world that would say this isn't a really, really cute container. It's simple and not especially feminine... just perfect. If you look closely, you can see that the little kitty has a heart shaped nose!! HOW CUTE IS THAT?? 

As for the quality, it's fine for the price! It doesn't feel particularly high quality, but slightly better than your usual drugstore mascara. As you can see above, you can get it for as cheap as $5, so if you shop smart you can get a really good mascara with cute packaging for cheap.

Itty-bitty kitty nose!!

The brush is pretty standard, perhaps thinner than most. The only complaint I have about it is that it can be hard to reach my lashes in the corners of my eye, but I manage. I've never had an issue with too much product being stuck at the tip of the brush, which is always super annoying! 

Kitty head and brush! 

Close up of brush ~

Scent: A very, very mild chemical scent that disappears immediately after you open it. Not a big deal at all. Quick story time- in Middle School and the beginning of High School, I used an Aveda mascara that I forgot the name of but it worked pretty well. Anyway, it was made with Icelandic moss and it smelled TERRIBLE. The next mascara I tried by them wasn't as good, but it smelled like roses. The end.

Swatch (?):

Before (you can see my mirror and my phone as I take a selfie woohoo)

Before looking up!

After one coat on top lashes

After one coat on top lashes looking up!

Left: Two coats on top and bottom
Right: No mascara

Results: I'm not sure if I've found a better mascara for the price. For whatever reason, the usual drugstore mascaras always clump on my lashes, no matter what wiggling-brush technique I use. I've only found a few mascaras that don't clump on my lashes: that one horrible smelling Aveda mascara from ages ago, the Diorshow line, and this one.

It dries fairly fast, so if you sneeze after applying a coat you won't have to worry too much. I find that it gives me plenty of length and a decent amount of volume, so it lives up to its claims. The only two negatives I can think of is that 1) it claims to be able to be washed off with just warm water- that isn't really true. When it does come off, it's a bit flaky and can stain your wash basin if you're not careful, so be wary! The other negative is 2) it can also be a bit flaky on you, so after 8 hours you might want to check a mirror to rub any little flakes that have come off. It's nothing extreme and I'm not sure if anyone else would notice, but just watch out for it!

I don't really have much more to say beyond that it's a really solid mascara that's cheap and cute. But- as I didn't try the curling version I cannot comment on that, so that might not be as good!

Conclusion: Final Score: 4.5/5

  • cute
  • cheap
  • works well for my lashes
  • no weird smell
  • makes you feel happy when you use it
  • non clumpy


  • can be a bit flaky
  • the brush can make it hard to reach the corners of your eye

Ridiculous fish-face selfie where you can see how it looks with both eyes!


  1. Wow, thanks for the review ^.^
    Love your eyes (;

  2. Thanks for the review! I have this mascara but I haven't used it yet lol. It reminds me of my cats, they are both black XD I love the new additions on your blog layout! I really like your taste^^

    1. You should try it out! I'm curious to see how other people like it :D and aww yayy, i really want a cat but i can't get one for a few years atleast, cause i'm moving between different countries and cities atleast every year for awhile :(

      and thank you so much! :D that means a lot. i'm still tinkering around to make it cuter, but it's been an interesting learning experience haha

  3. I want this mascara soooo bad! Thanks for the review! I'll def be purchasing this soon. :)

  4. Great review! I loooove the packaging! I've been wanting to buy this because of the packaging tbh lol
    btw, I have a giveaway on my blog, you might want to join? :D

    ♔ CC Cream Giveaway ♔

  5. I love adorable things, I can't resist Tony Moly, I have their cat chu lip stain (and I need to get more) I love this review, and your cute pictures ^_^

  6. I have this cat wink mascara & I love it <3

  7. thank you for your review may i ask you if this mascara contains parabens ? ...would you like to follow each other ? let me know...


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