Friday, July 26, 2013

Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream Review

Quite a nice introduction to CC creams, but not quite my cup of tea- maybe I'm just terrible with blending though :| More details after the jump.

Where to get it: - $14.29 - $15.00 - $16.69 - $13.44 - $16.19 - $20.00

Description: Tonymoly Luminous Pure Aura CC cream creates a natural looking finish by correcting skin tone instead of covering it. CC creams contain tiny black/red/yellow colored capsules that release their pigment when applied, they then perfectly mix together to match skin tone and conceal redness or imperfections. It also benefits the skin with UV protection, wrinkle care, whitening properties, and essential nutrients to moisturize and soften the skin. Plus it is free of parabens, benzo phenon, talc, mineral oil, organic pigment, or sulfate surfactant.

 One Shade Fits all
 UV Protection
 Free of various things people care about (parabens, mineral oil, etc)

Ingredients: Unable to find online!

Packaging: Pretty cute but understated white bottle with a nice black pump. The pump is of good quality, and it's easy to control how much you pump out. I don't have any issues with the packaging really- I like the cute ~ pure aura ~ shiny silver sparkles and stuff. Not pink, but still nice. No complaints. :)

Pump it up YEA.
Scent: No scent. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Swatch: It comes out of the bottle white, but blends in as the little pigment capsules break. You can see in the second pic the dark yellow streak on the right is what I assume is a pigment capsule breaking. Those pigment capsules are one of the things I find problematic- if you don't fully blend the CC cream, you'll get unflattering streaks of color. Besides that, it finishes to a nice dewy glow.

Note the darker pigment on the left~

You can see where it ends in comparison to my arm.

Results/Coverage: CC creams are synonymous with sheer/light coverage- and this is no exception. It definitely lives up to the claims of evening out skintone, though. It won't cover your acne or hyperpigmentation, but it will even out your skin tone and give it a nice dewy 'glow'.

Something I haven't seen mentioned as much with these CC creams has been the importance of blending well! If you don't blend everything fully, you're liable to get streaks of pigmentation which look quite bad. It took me a few attempts to fully understand what exactly I was doing wrong when it wouldn't look quite right... but now I know! Blend blend blend!

Uuuunfortunately, my paleness betrays me again. Even after blending well and letting it oxidize, the color is slightly too dark for my face ): Not in all lights- but in some it's noticeable compared to my neck. I don't even know, y'all. I don't eveeen know. I can still get away with it, as I don't think most people notice that kind of thing... but yea. Oh well.

Before - No makeup

After - one layer of CC cream

Completed lazy work look minus tinted lip balm

Conclusion: Final Score 4/5 
  • 'luminous', dewy finish
  • light coverage, but enough to reduce redness
  • nice packaging
  • good UV protection
  • doesn't quite match my skin tone
  • has to be blended in very well or else you risk random streaks of pigment


  1. Your skin already looks flawless without makeup <3 thank you for the review ^^


    1. I agree to this point. Really nice skin :D and nice review!

  2. looks so natural on you c:

  3. It gives kind of a bronzer effect on you, it looks good! I can't open my mind to cc creams I have too much that needs covering up! I love reading reviews on them though! This product reminds me of color changing product by Almay, it did the same thing with the uneven pigment. Way too much work!

    1. ooh, that's interesting about the Almay product. has it been around for longer than CC creams?

  4. The cream looks so natural on you and really evens out your skin tone. I love using this cc cream for it's sheer coverage since it's more natural

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  5. great post. Thanks dear, for sharing this. I'm searching for the best cc cream. And I am now considering Tony Moly's. By the way it looks natural on you :) so pretty.


    1. thanks marrien! i hope you find your perfect cc cream ~

  6. you can't tell that it doesn't match your neck, I think it looks really nice and evens your skin tone out well - lovely and bright :) x


    1. thank you katy! you're always so sweet C:

  7. you dont need coverage :) I rly need to steal your skincare routine >:3

    1. i'm still experimenting with my skincare routine, so i've decided to hold off on writing a post about it until i've completely settled !! and haha thanks, at this point my main concern is pores and redness! :D

  8. OH no, too dark is such a pain. I'm like you and I still try to wear it, glad I'm not the only one ^_^

  9. The life is so ironic so many girls say oh this color is too pale but you said oh this color is too dark. Your kin is beautiful sweetie and I love it this product because match very cool with my skin tone!

  10. love your dewy skin, thanks for your review~ lol I see CC cream review everywheree xD

  11. I saw your blog on Soompi! Lol BB Creams, CC Creams... now what? ZZ Creams? Hahaha!
    I followed your blog by the way! :)

    Check out mine and follow back?

  12. loveee the review and the pink layout on your site :)
    just followed, lets follow each other? :)

  13. Me too, I've tried this before during my hunt for CC cream, but this one doesn't match my skin tone as well. Which is why I went for TheFaceShop Smart Capsule Color Control cream instead. Anyway, thanks for reviewing! I followed you via GFC and bloglovin. :)
    Do drop by my blog!

    xx, Mira


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