Monday, May 6, 2013

Peripera's Peri's Tint Water #1 (cherry juice) Review

In pursuit of a decently priced lip tint for lazy days and the popular 'gradient lip' look going around the internet, I decided on the decently priced and well reviewed Peri's Tint Water. Read on to see how I liked it! 

Where to buy: - $9.37 - $7.00
A-poly on Amazon - $6.59

Description: Peripera has a range of different sorts of lip tints- they have tint balms, tints jellies, tint milks, and tint waters. Peripera's Peri's Tint Water comes in three different shades: cherry juice, pink juice, and orange juice. I bought the cherry juice version because I wanted a red lip tint to go with my Tony Moly gloss bar! 

~ long-lasting
~ pigmented
~ non-drying (apparently has fruit extracts)

Scent: A very faint chemical-y smell that fades immediately after unscrewing the cap. Not a big deal at all :) Additionally, I don't think that it tastes like anything really? So yea. No worries in that regard.

Packaging: The tint comes in a little glass bottle with a screw-on plastic cap. The wand is fairly standard- I'm happy that it's not a 'brush' like with some tints, as the wand makes it easy to dot a little bit on a few different places (which you can then blend easily!). 

Swatch: The name tells you everything about the texture- it's just like water! This means that it's easy to spread and blend, but it does dry fairly quickly so you should be quick about it. Happily, it doesn't dry out my lips at all! Also, sorry that the pics aren't the greatest, I can't get accurate lighting for lip products a lot of the time :(

Bare Lipes

Applied moderately and blended
The tint is actually a bit redder/darker/more vibrant in real life, so keep that in mind!

Results: I'm happy with the tint! It's a fair price, easy to blend, very pigmented, and non-drying. It has pretty good staying power, as it lasts about 4 hours for me before I'd want to reapply. I quite like the color as well, it's a pinkish red that goes perfectly with Tony Moly's Petite Bunny gloss bar in cherry~ I think adding a lip gloss or something on top of the tint really helps add dimension. 

I will also say that this works really well for that Ulzzang 'gradient lip' look, I was just too lazy to take pictures of my various attempts at it ;) I really don't have any valid complaints, beyond that the glass container makes me a bit nervous about dropping it haha.

Conclusion: Final Score 4.5/5

  • good price
  • non-drying
  • good staying power
  • vibrant
  • easy to blend
  • versatile
  • glass container makes me paranoid of dropping it and it splashing everything


  1. Ooh this looks lovely! Every lip tint I have is much too dark and blood red for my liking. I actually prefer tint waters out of all the tint variations, as they tend to be easier to control. This looks promising! :D

    1. you should definitely check it out! it's a solid tint for cheap :D

  2. I have this in Pink Juice & Mandarin Juice and I am always so scared of dropping it! I already spilled the Manadarin Juice all over my floor and it stained. I still love it though!
    Great review ^^

    1. ohno! that sounds like a nightmare :( i might get another one of their shades, it's good to know you like them!! :)

  3. Adorable packaging! I'm a fan of tonymoly tints but will definately give this brand a try :)

    1. i've not tried tony moly tints, i was originally going to buy one but then this was on sale for like $4 and had good reviews so i ended up getting it instead :D any one tint you'd recommend?

    2. I forgot to sign in for my last comment I apologise. I would recommend cat chu in orange chacha, its a nice change to red coloured tints, but the cherry pink is a lovely colour too xoxo

  4. Wow adorable, I also love tints that don't try lips (my lips are dry ;_;), and I'm always interested in more products. Lipsticks always seem to make my dry lips look so bad, tints are more flattering for me.

    Never tried peripera, and maybe it's time I do ^_^

  5. That's interesting! Great post

  6. I love the art on the packaging because it reminds me of Bom in Hate You haha! The color is really pretty, too. I'm starting to think Korea is the best for lip tints.

  7. Heyyy! Omg that lip tint looks so pretty @_@
    I always wanted to try gradient lips, LOL.
    If you have time , I'd reaaaally appreciate it if you checked out my blog as well. hehe~ LOL. Feel free to follow it as welll. Thanks so much . c: xoxo


  8. I love lip tints. x3 I still haven't tried anything from Peripera. I really must. Love the packaging.

    (Bethany from Beauty Junkie)

  9. Your natural lip color is so pretty! Very pink! And the tint looks great on you.

    1. Thank you so much! :D Thats so sweet of you!

  10. Thanks for the review! :3
    I think this liptint is really nice! It does remind me a bit of the tony moly cat chu wink liptint tho. c:
    It does look really nice for gradient lips~!

    Can you check out my blog? I'm interested in following each other like you told me a while ago on my blog huehue :3


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