Friday, July 5, 2013

Etude House Lashes (Secret Long) Review

Well priced, sturdy, and natural looking- these lashes are first set I've been able to successfully apply. All you need is a trim and good lash glue before you're good to go!

Where to buy it: - $5.00 - $8 - $1.40

Description: Etude House Eyelash I series enhance the look of your eyes with natural styled lashes. Soft to the touch, yet sturdy for long term use. With these lashes, you can achieve both length and volume and still have a natural look. Great for both beginners and beauty experts. Store back into this adorable package and re-use. (from

 Rich Fibers
 Eyelash Glue Included
 Soft Material
 Adorable Packaging
 Long Lasting

Packaging: Etude House rarely fails when it comes to packaging, and this time is no different. I love the pastel pink(purple?) that they used, the simple but sweet sparkle details, and the interesting shape. When first opening the container, there are two small strips of clear tape that hold the top bit from the bottom, but even without those the cover stays on pretty well.

The lashes are attached with fairly, but not impossibly, sticky glue. You just have to be careful when pulling them off, but even if you mess up the shape it's not a big deal. The lash material is slightly shiny, but feel soft and natural.

Swatch/Results: I want to preface this review with a statement: I am not good at putting on false eyelashes. I've tried at least a dozen times, to varying results. These lashes are the first pair that I've been able to put on without having to redo it 10 times, but I still have a long way to go in learning perfect falsies application.

Not an accurate representation of me trimming. I just thought I'd take a pic of me pretending to trim for some reason, so why not include it?

Another preface- I trimmed about 2 cm off of the lashes, due to personal experience showing I look best with eyeliner and lashes that only extend about 3/4 of the way down my lash line, rather than all the way. Trimming them also made it hugely easier for me to apply them, but that might just be because I'm incompetent. Possibly. Probably.

Moving on, the glue that comes with these lashes is meh. It works fine, but I have fallen in love with Dolly Wink lash glue which is super easy to remove and dries clear. I own another pair of Etude House false lashes, and both have quite thick bands- this is good in some ways and bad in others. The good: they're quite sturdy and can be reused a number of times without losing their shape too much. The bad- if you're not careful when applying them, the band can be slightly irritating or feel a bit heavy. On days when I've miraculously succeeded, I can't feel these lashes at all.

The lashes themselves are pretty long, but not anything crazy. They're surprisingly natural looking, given their length. They don't provide a ton of volume, but it's still enough for a nice oomph. I find them to be very pretty without being super obvious... which explains why they're called 'Secret'.

Overall, they're nice little lashes for the price. Not as cheap as those Chinese sets of 10 you can get on TaoBao, but hugely better than Dolly Wink. They hold up well due to their sturdy band, and with the right glue and some trimming they're pretty easy to put on. I like them a lot and will probably try out a few other varieties by Etude House.

And now... for pics! Unfortunately I didn't take a clear picture of the lashes on, but here's a couple of me wearing them where you can clearly see I'm wearing falsies- I personally think they look pretty without being overmuch.

A bit pale...

Ignore my silly expressions. I was in selfie mode.

Conclusion: Final Score 4.5/5

  • cute packaging
  • reasonably priced (if you get them from Korea!)
  • pretty and natural looking
  • fairly easy to put on
  • fairly sturdy
  • band is kind of thick so can be slightly uncomfortable if untrimmed
  • lash glue it comes with is only OK


  1. So pretty on your eyes, Laura :D

    1. ahh thank you!!! thats sweet of you C:

  2. I have these as well! I love how natural they look.
    They look really good on you- really suits you!

  3. These look great! Your hair is so pretty btw!

    1. thank you!! i've just started using shiseido's ma cherie moisture line, and it's absolutely magical! i'm planning on reviewing it in august ~

  4. hello laura!!
    looks pretty jsut right that you cut of some cm of it! =)
    i wanna try this too, the natural ones, have you tried it?

    1. nope! i've tried the volume (what I have on my sidebar pic) and these secret long~ i love both of them. i might get the natural one eventually, and if i do i'll review them! (:

    2. i guess i'll be trying the secret long =) i want my lashes to look just natural, doesnt look like its exaggerated. thanks a lot laura! =)

  5. the criss cross looks pretty on your eyes!

  6. You look so sultry in your pics, I love it! I have not been successful with false lashes either so thank you for making me feel better. They look awesome on you, I love the thinner lashes too, more natural!

    1. haha thank you!! what can i saaay. and yea idk how some girls do it, it's literally taken me a couple of years of trying every couple of months to finally get it right. it's ridiculously hard u_u

  7. these look so natural and you look GORGEOUS! :D

  8. They look really nice on you! C: I'm a fan of dolly wink eyelash glue as well, it's amazing. n__n

    1. thank you!! and yes i'm thinking of just buying a full size of it~

  9. I love this eyelashes as well! they look super pretty on you *A* envy.


  10. The eyelashes look sooooooo pretty on you!!! I can never find fake eyelashes that look good on me -.-


    1. Thank you so much!! That's so sweet~ There are so many different kinds of lashes, it takes awhile to find ones that suit you and your personal style, you know? :x


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