Sunday, June 9, 2013

TesterKorea Haul!

Second haul of the month, this time from a lesser known store-! I heard about them from someone's blogpost, and they're really great! They have similar prices to KoreaDepart but with slightly cheaper shipping, and you can buy samples from tons of different brands in sets of 10, which is fantastic for trying things out without buying the full size! :) 

They also gave me lots of sample! I got three of those 'Thank you' sample packages, and the Skinfood cotton pads were free as well! They're very soft, I use them to remove my eye makeup!

Ordered: May 8
Shipped: May 10
Arrived (Texas): May 22

I heartily recommend TesterKorea, the prices are great and the variety of brands and samples they carry is dangerous(ly awesome).

History of Whoo Whitening Skin Balance (Seol Line) - $59
I've started using this line at night, and I can already tell a difference in my skin tone. It's reduced the redness of my cheeks and nose by about 50% already @_@ crazy.

History of Whoo Seol Brightening Gel (20 samples) - $5 for 20

History of Whoo Seol Whitening Essence (20 Samples) - $5 for 20

History of Whoo Seol Whitening and Moisture Cream (20 Samples) - $5 for 20

History of Whoo Seol Whitening Intensive (20 Samples) - $7 for 20

Sulwhasoo Timetreature Renovating Eye Cream (10 samples) $4.80 for 10
I've used this for the past couple of nights, and I've already noticed a change in the texture of the skin. It's firmer and feels really 'bouncy' if that makes sense? I'll use these samples up- I get about 3 uses out of each package- and see if it's worth buying more (samples, of course). So far so good though!

Mizon Fruit Therapy Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel - $8
I finally have my own peeling gel!! I used this the night I got it, and I honestly think that the little peeling bits you get are your skin, because I got a lot more in the areas I get dry spots (nose, near eyebrows, etc) vs places that aren't dry like my cheeks. Time will tell, I guess.


  1. Nice haul! I'll be sure to check it out when I can! :D

  2. How does the shipping work?
    Please do reviews on your History of Whoo products, I'm very curious to know how well they work~

    1. It's calculated at checkout by weight (no pre-paying stuff).

  3. Ohhh I'm so happy you're trying some of the hanbang medicine stuff! :DDD I want to read more reviews about History of Whoo and Sulwahsoo etc but not many people our age are willing to try them! I love Tester Korea :D

    1. Yea, I was really frustrated trying to find reviews of the more expensive stuff, cause very few people review it in comparison to like Tony Moly or whatever. I'll definitely be writing up reviews for them after I've used them enough :)

  4. I bought at testerkorea once, too. I really like them. You just have to take care how much weight you have and how much you want to pay for shipping. Great haul!

  5. I've always wanted to try History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo products but full sizes are just so expensive for a student like me. XD I stumbled upon testerkorea last year but I haven't really tried purchasing anything from them yet because they didn't reply to me when I emailed them. lol
    Anyway, it's so amazing how you can already see effects just by using the History of Whoo Whitening Skin Balance once. :O
    I will be looking forward to your reviews!

    btw, I have an ongoing giveaway on my blog. Here's the link just in case you're interested to join. :D
    ♔ 1 Giveaway, 10 Winners! ♔

  6. Wowww... Super nice haul :) Thank you for sharing~

  7. hey, I was searching for TesterKorea Haul posts and found your blog!
    I was wondering how these products are working for you so if you did reviewed it somewhere in your blog, can you give me the link?
    Thanks in advance. Have a great weekend ahead!
    xx, Mira


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