Thursday, June 6, 2013

Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream Review

Guess who just finished 20 hours of travelling on literally no sleep? MEEEE!!! And guess who has work tomorrow? MEEEEEEEEE! It's okay though, because I'm finally back home in Texas for the summer! No exams, no essays, just getting money, spending time with family and friends, and focusing on improving myself! (edit: finished writing this later after a good nights sleep!! yay!)

However, since this is a review post I suppose that I should give a brief description of the product in order to pique your interest in reading more. I had big dreams for this eye cream, none of which were fulfilled. That happens sometimes though. More after the jump!

Where to buy:
Description: A rich and nutrition packed eye cream formulated with arbutin and salmon roe extracts that feed and nurture the delicate eye zone for refreshed and vibrant looking eyes. Haloxyl strengthens skin and decreases hemoglobin production to prevent the formation of dark circles under the eyes.

Claims to
~ brighten/lighten under eye circles
~ feed and nurture eye zone
~ strengthen/firm under eye skin

Ingredients: Unable to find online. It does contain arbutin, however! Over time, arbutin helps to lighten your skin. If I find any more info I'll update this!

Scent: I am really bad with scents, but I think that this is quite cucumber-y? Whatever it is, it smells really good. It is heavily scented however, so watch out if you're sensitive to smells. This is probably this most heavily scented product I've used, as I can smell this for awhile after applying. Since it is a good scent, I don't mind it.

Packaging: Sooo cuute and earthy and cute and neat. This is my first experience with Skinfood stuff, but I quite like it. It's in a jar, which is unfortunate for hygiene, but the jar is sturdy metal surrounding glass and gives the cream a very solid felling. Quite different from the likes of Laneige or Etude House, but very nice in its own way. Besides the hygiene issue of being a jar, I quite like this packaging.

Swatch: It's a medium weight cream. A little goes a long way, but it stays shiny for a very long time after applying; much better as a night cream than a day one.

You can't see that its shiny in this picture, but it is! There's also a slight white cast.

Results: At the time I ordered this, I didn't realize that there is basically nothing I can do about my dark circles. I have Tear Trough Volume deficiency, which just means that the area around my nose and orbital area is 'hallowed', so there's not much between my skin and the veins under my eye. This means that the veins are super visible. There's nothing I can do about the circles besides getting injections, and I have no interest in that sooo. Please keep this in mind when reading the review! Just because this didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you if you have a different kind of dark circle!

Anyway, I used this every night for 6 weeks before giving up. It did nothing for my dark circles BUT it did brighten up the area overall... this was not helpful in the slightest, since my dark circles stayed the same color but the rest of the area was brighter. In fact, it looked kind of silly, so I stopped before it got any more noticeable haha.

Unfortunately this wasn't that great for moisturizing either. I have a couple of lines under my eye naturally, just creases that have always been that way. When I'm dehydrated or that area is dry, I get a third one. I noticed that my third crease was more noticeable than usual while I was using this, despite continuing to drink plenty of water. I can't fault this cream too much for not helping my dark circles, but I would have atleast hoped it was decent for moisturizing. A lot of other people have had good results with this cream though, so unless you have the kind of circles that I do, it might not hurt to try it!

Conclusion: Final Score: 2/5 (for me!)

  • smells amazing
  • cute packaging
  • good price
  • a little goes a long way
  • doesn't do anything for my under-eye circles (but thats because I have a certain kind)
  • isn't that great for moisturizing
  • non-hygienic packaging
  • stays shiny for awhile after applying


  1. I have the same volume deficiency to the point that I do want orbital implants...however, I've been using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye at night and it puffs my eyes up a bit so they look less hollow the next day. Maybe it'd help you too? It only works when I use it, but it works without fail, otherwise I just look dead.


    1. Ooh, I'll look into that. Thanks for the headsup :) woohoo for volume deficiencies, it's always good to know I'm not alone. Mine are just so dark, whenever I see people complaining about theirs they're always so much lighter than mine u_u xx

  2. What a pitty it didn't work for you. This is my favourite eye cream so far, all the others I used made my eye's area fell very sticky...and somehow unpleasant but this one feels so light for me compared...I hope you'll find a good eye cream suitable for you! ♥

    1. thank you :D i'm happy to hear that it works for you ♥ finding good eye creams is a gamble!

  3. It's weird that is just brightening the area around the eye and not the dark circles O.o

    1. lol i know @_@ i'm glad i stopped before it got too noticeable.

  4. I have read only dissapointed reviews about this one :C

    1. ahh, really? i read only good ones, thats so weird! oh well :c another bad one i guess. thanks for the comment ~

  5. Not for me. I need moisture and cover, not shine.

  6. i love the salmon brightening concealer from the same line! it's so unfortunate to hear that it didn't do much for you because the concealer from their line is fabulous! :(

    maxie <3 ||


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