Thursday, June 13, 2013

Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C Emulsion + Cream Review

Hi y'all~ Tomorrow is my 3rd year anniversary with my boyfriend! I'm super excited and happy about that. But in the mean time, I'm finally getting out a double review on two of the products I have from the Juju Cosmetics Aquamoist Vitamin C line. I have good things to say about the lotion/emulsion, and terrible things about the cream. More after the jump!

Juju Aquamoist Hyluronic Acid Whitening & Moisture Milky Lotion

Where to get it: $14.90

Description: Light and fresh lotion is infused with Vitamin C, brightening skin tone, while lightening dark spots and uneven patches to give skin a radiant and translucent glow. Milk softens dull and dry skin, keeping skin moist and smooth with renewed clarity. Apply ample amount of lotion all over cleansed and toned skin for all day hydration. Suitable for all skin types.

~ lighten/brighten skin tone
~ lighten dark spots
~ keep skin hydrated
~ suitable for all skin types

Ingredients: If anyone can find these, please let me know! :) I did find that it uses a form of vitamin C called Ascorbyl Glucoside which is more stable but less potent than the better known vitaminer L-Ascorbic Acid. I'm not sure in what concentration it uses this, but knowing that it has it is nice.

Packaging: I believe that Juju Cosmetics is basically a drug store brand in Japan- but a well known and well regarded drugstore brand! The packaging reflects this though, as it's very practical and kind of ugly ヽ(*・ω・)ノ But that's okay, it gets the job done. I have had a slight issue with the opening- it's quite big and can sometimes spill too much out at once. It's not a huge deal, but it's worth noting. On the other hand, I'm happy that they chose to package it in an opaque plastic bottle. Vitamin C, especially the less stable forms, is prone to breaking down when exposed to heat and light. This bottle prevents any light from showing through, so you don't have to worry about it becoming less effective due to that! :D

Scent: No scent at all! I did not realize how much I enjoy that until I used a heavily scented lotion after and disliked it. Great for those sensitive to smells.

Swatch: It's quite glue like- It's a thicker consistency than the Sana Hadanomy Collagen Line Emulsion I reviewed earlier in the year, and spreads a bit more easily. It is shiny and a bit sticky initially, but this fades in 5 or so minutes. 

Immediately after rubbing it in.

Results: This is not a miracle product or even HG for me. However, it is a solid product that delivers on many of the claims it makes. As stated above, it does have a stable form of vitamin C in it- and the results show that. After about a month of using it day and night I did see a small but noticeable improvement in my hyperpimentation. However, I personally feel that I can get better results from a vitamin C serum separate from this emulsion, so I don't consider it essential to my routine. I won't repurchase, simply because I have a very good vitamin C serum I use separately & I have my eye on a Laneige emulsion... but if you're looking for a good product that kind of that moisturizes while brightening/helping fade marks, then this is a solid choice.

Conclusion: Final score 4/5

  • light
  • moisturizing
  • uses a stable form of vitamin C
  • bottle is opaque to prevent Vitamin C degrading
  • helps brighten skin over time (think a month of twice a day use)
  • helps fade hyperpigmentation over time
  • non-scented
  • can be a bit sticky initially
  • packaging can sometimes spill too much out

Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C Cream

Where to get it: $16.30 $28

Description: Luxurious cream is infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C that rapidly penetrate through the skin's layers to minimize melanin production and lighten skin tone from the inside out. Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C work in sync to complement each other, reversing signs of skin damage and bringing back skin's translucent and youthful glow.

~ moisturizing
~ brighten/lighten
~ make skin translucent

Ingredients: As with the emulsion, I was unable to find an ingredients list. I do know it also contains ascorbyl glucoside though, so it should have similar effects on your skin with extended use.

Packaging: Meh. It's a small, compact plastic jar that unscrews to reveal a milky gel moisturizer. Nothing is particularly notable about it. It's just very average, as with the emulsion bottle. As with the emulsion, I am happy that the container is opaque to prevent sun from damaging the product (not that it matters, as you will read ):< )

Swatch: As you can see, it's a milky gel moisturizer. :) It's a bit too 'gel' for me, however, as it never actually sinks in. Even if I just use the slightest amount, whenever it's been applied there's a film of slick gel that I can scrape off easily. This 'film' of gel was still on even after a full night's sleep... No good at all.

suspiciously familiar...

It just stays that way... forever.

Results: To be totally honest, I couldn't force myself to use this long enough to notice any results. After a few nights of trying it out, I just gave up. Sometime in the last week I tried it again, and it was still pretty terrible. I just can't get over the gross gel-like mask it leaves over my skin even when I apply it very thinly. If anyone wants this, feel free to take it.

Conclusion: Final score 1/5

  • non-scented
  • uses a stable form of Vitamin C
  • takes forever (literally) to absorb- sometimes still had a film of it on my face when I woke up the next morning. This makes it basically impossible to use.


  1. I've heard a lot about these products! I might try the aquamoist some time. c: Thanks for the reviews! :'D

  2. Aw sticky creams are the worse, since they just sit there and it feels heavy. The lotion seems nice though!

  3. It seems like an alright product, but I'm a sucker for packaging and it's pretty generic looking. Wow, I sound superficial. Haha.

  4. Hi, just letting you know that I nominated you in my Liebster Award post. Please do check it out, thanks!
    Have a good day!


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  6. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I've been hearing lots about rosewater benefitting skin lately, but I haven't tried it myself yet (now I'll have to!). However, I began Vitamin C Serum for men daily and it has made such a huge difference. It unquestionably helps avoid dry, flaky skin in the winter.


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