Monday, June 24, 2013

Skinfood Red Bean BB Cream (no. 1 Light Beige) Review

Great for those with dry to normal skin, a pale complexion, and not many pimples, I can see this being many women's favorite BB cream- but not mine. With a thick texture that can be hard to spread and undertones that don't quite match mine, I like this BB Cream... but I don't love it.

Where to get it:
Description: SkinFood Red Bean BB Cream is a hydrating, whitening and protecting BB Cream formulated with red beans to nourish and moisturize a dull and rough complexions. Its lightweight formula evens out skin tone and provides a natural looking coverage to create a flawless base for powder or foundation. SPF 20 defends skin against premature aging brought about by UV rays and environmental stress. May be used as makeup base. (from

~ hydrating/moisturizing
~ flawless coverage
~ SPF20 PA+
~ two shades
~ lightweight

Ingredients: Unable to find ingredients ):

Packaging: It's a very nice little tube- a lovely wine-y color with a nice semi-matte brown cap. I think it achieves a nice and earthy look without being looking cheap. Beyond that, the little whateveryoucallthetipofthis is okay... I find that it gets quite messy quite quickly, and has to be cleaned every time I use it. No real comments beyond that.

Scent: A very mild but pleasant scent- I read a review that said it smelled like red beans, but I'm not familiar with what those smell like so I cannot comment. I don't think it would be too bothersome to those with sensitive noses though, though YMMV!

Swatch: As you can see it doesn't 100% match my undertones- it's roughly as pale as my face, but not quite for me. I personally find this BB cream on the thicker side, and find that it can be hard to spread and blend because of that. A different review I read found the BB cream very light, so I'm not sure why my experiences have been different. Texture roulette! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Results/Coverage: I would say that this BB cream is light-medium coverage. It's not going to cut it if you have a lot of things you want to coverage, but it does a good job of covering most redness and light to medium spots (i.e. it won't cover freckles but it will cover most hyperpigmentation). Just a heads-up, my skin has improved massively from my first BB cream review, if you want to check out how my skin used to look here! All hail AHAs and Vitamin C!!!

No Makeup woohoo! My biggest issues are my dark eye circles, pores, and redness around my nose and chin.

As you can see, it does a good job of evening out my skintone overall. 

However, due to the thickness, it can appear slightly cake-y if you don't blend it well enough. I don't think it's great for pore coverage, as you can still make out my (large) pores in the after picture. In this picture it seems to match my skintone pretty well, but in others it can appear slightly off. I'm not sure if it's too yellow, too pink, or too gray... but it's too something. 

Another sort-of complaint I have is the low SPF in comparison to other BB creams. You should always wear a sunscreen under your BB cream (or foundation or whatever) because the SPF in it is a lot less effective in that form than in a dedicated sunscreen. The same goes with sunscreen/moisturizer combos! It's not a huge deal to me because I always wear something under my BB cream, but not everyone does!

The BB cream has a semi-matte finish that's pretty nice. Given that it is moisturizing, it's probably best for dry-normal skin, but if you used a good sebum controlling primer or powder with it it would probably work well for those with oilier skin. It's definitely lightweight, as I can barely feel it on my skin. I went out for a few hours in the Texas sun without having any issues with it either- great for those experiencing warm weather!

Overall, I'd say this is a pretty good BB cream for me. I have two others that I prefer over this one (Missha Cho Bo Yang & Holika Holika Peach Girl) but this one will be okay to use once I run out of the other two. I won't be repurchasing unfortunately, but I can definitely see it suiting a lot of people very well. 

Conclusion: Final Score 4/5

  • semi-matte
  • doesn't highlight dry spots
  • moisturizing
  • lightweight
  • N15-20 range
  • good price

  • doesn't quiiiite match my skintone
  • very thick, can be hard to spread/blend
  • can appear slightly cake-y due to thickness
  • low SPF in comparison to other BB Creams


  1. Awesome review, plus I love your blog theme!

    Please follow my blog 'Heylinni' at:
    I will gladly follow you back!!! Us bloggers need to support each other

  2. Aww you look super pretty! :D I'm not a fan of cakey BB creams so I'll pass on this haha. Do you have a blending sponge?

    1. Thank you! That means a lot C: I have used one in the past, but for now I just use a foundation brush. I can't apply this one with my fingers without it looking bad due to the texture :/

  3. First of all, holy crap! Your skin looks amazing! Like you could eat it with a spoon! Seriously, what Vitamin C serum are you using?

    Bummer about this BB cream, though. The color is very slightly off, but it's hard to tell what it is. Too warm? But like, a non-yellowy warm? I don't think it's unwearable, and I don't know that I'd have been able to tell from the picture if I wasn't looking for it.

    Is the texture thicker than Cho Bo Yang?

    1. Hm, it's similar thickness to Cho Bo Yang but a lot harder to spread.

      And thank you so much! Honestly lactic acid peels have been a lifesaver. The Vitamin C serum I'm currently using is NuFountain's C20+ Ferulic Vitamin C gel! It's good, but quite strong so I only use it every other day.

      As for the undertone, I'm really not sure. My mom said it was too pink, but then in certain lights it looked too grey and the swatch kind of looks a bit yellow? It's a mystery. Thanks so much for the comment :)

  4. hello Laura!

    i can see that it did very well on you, well the color does match and the redness and circles are covered though is a little light but it does suit you!

    i have a friend who is so fond of using bb creams. i will let her know bout this. thanks for sharing laura! =)


  5. I saw this BB cream a lot of times but I was always quite unsure if it would performe nice, too...the cakyness is really a bad point. Especially if you have dry skin this can happen too easily...:/

  6. I am currently using the Skin79 Super+ Vital Orange Beblesh Balm and I like it, the only thing that bothers me a bit is that it accentuates the dry skin areas on my face. I wanted to try a Skin Food version of BB Cream but I think I will stay away from this one, after reading your very helpful review, because I don't really like facial procuts with such a thick consistency.


  7. Thanks for the review! c:
    I've heard really mixed things about this bb cream. =/
    Can I ask what undertone the bb cream has? Is it more reddish or more yellow-ish? o:

    1. TBH I can't really decide. It's a bit more yellow on my hand, but then on my face once it's oxidized it's a bit greyer/pinker than I'd like? I guess I have more neutral of skin than I realized.

  8. your skin looks fantastic now, if only mine were that clear!! I could even venture out of the house with no BB cream on once in a while haha. The coverage seems nice though and it looks like it evens out your skin tone very well, if only it was for oily skin :( x

    1. ahh you can get it that clear + clearer! just find a good routine that works for you! :)

  9. Don't think it would be good with my oily skin. My only experience with Skinfood BB creams so far as been bad, sadly. And yet, the make my HG concealer. >.>


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