Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's Skin Babyface Petit Blusher (01 Pink) Review

Super sorry for my laziness in posting reviews ): I lost my SD card, and because my camera is from 2005 or something, it can't use the new SD cards that have been released... so I'm trying to find places that ship SD cards from 2005 to me... with limited success. I know that the picture's quality is lacking, but please bear with me! As for the product... it's adorable and you get what you pay for (in a good way).
Where to get it: - $6 - $4.80 (on sale) - $6.99 - $5.62

Description: I was unable to find a decent description on any of the websites I looked at, so I'll try and write something up. It's Skin claims these blushes have vivid, long lasting color with a soft puff that makes application easy. The blush comes in 4 different shades, including an interesting Lavender color. It's part of a 'Babyface' makeup collection that aims to give its users a fresh-faced, innocent look~

 vivd color
 long lasting
 soft puff makes application easy

Ingredients: Unable to find! Not sure how important it is in a blush anyway?

Packaging: Probably one of the top 10 cutest products on the market... and possibly one of the reasons I bought it. I was actually surprised by its size, I expected it to be bigger for some reason? It's not too small at all though, but it does live up to its 'petit' name. Unfortunately I threw away the little plastic wings packaging that the blush came with. :(

The pact itself is made of decent quality plastic- it wouldn't crack if you accidentally drop it, but anything more than that will probably result in a broken blush. The blush comes with a small and cute little puff applicator, but it's nothing special in terms of actually using it. It can make your blush look a bit uneven, but it works if you're in a pinch. :) As you can see in the description picture, the blush originally comes with a cute little design pressed into the product. Unfortunately I've used it enough so that it's been worn down, but it's a nice touch!
The sad remnants of the design.
Scent: No scent!

Swatch: I wanted a pink-pink blush (as opposed to a more peachy pink) and this works really well in that regard. Unfortunately, it was impossible to get a decent swatch with my phone's camera + the lighting, but it's a sheer pink leaning towards a coral. Perfect for a more dolly like look imho!

Results/Coverage: If you're expecting Nars-quality pigmentation, you're looking in the wrong place. This isn't an immediately vibrant blush, as you need to build it a bit to get it to the color in the pan... but I really like that! I'm always afraid of accidentally applying too much color with my more pigmented blushes, so being able to control the application a bit more is a godsend for me.

These pictures are terrible quality, but I hope that you can see the results on my cheeks.



Can y'all see the color? If not I'll try and take better pictures, it's just really hard with this camera :c

This is not a super long lasting blush- maybe 5 hours? For the price I think that's fine though, so I have no complaints. Overall this is a really cute blush that works well if you like having control over color, but don't expect anything high quality for the price.

Conclusion: Final Score 4.8/5 
  • adorable
  • really adorable
  • buildable color
  • cheap
  • puff isn't that good
  • not super long lasting
  • doesn't live up to any of it's claims?


  1. I think the lighting is a tad dark! I prefer subtler blushes sometimes, because you can add more instead of having to remove it if it's too much. The packaging is adorable though <3

  2. The packaging does look really cute. How big is it compared to your hand?

  3. I love the packaging and the cute face on it. I'd be interested in the size, too. Unfortunately it isn't lasting long . :(

  4. you have a super kawai blog *.* i'm in love with korean make up too ...hoper you will follow me back ^.^
    kisses from italy

  5. I love the color but I honestly don't see a different in the before/after photos ; O ;
    The packaging is super cute tho :D~ Thank you for reviewing so many products! I really wanna try out every product you reviewed :3
    Mindy ♡

    1. Ah yea, I can see a slight difference on my monitor but I think that I'll retake the pictures. Thank you for the comment :)

  6. I'd like to see the swatch please xP

  7. i really want to see what the purple one would look like LOL

  8. The packaging is so cute and I love that it has a lavender shade. It's too bad it isn't very long lasting :(

  9. Thanks for the lovely review! ^__^
    The packaging is so adorable + similar to Etude house cookie blush actually :P

  10. I think I would be able to buy it just for the adorable packaging ahahah ^-^

    My blog :

  11. Eee this is so precious!! ^o^ The blusher is absolutely cute!!
    I just found your blog and am a new follower! ^-^

  12. argh super cute packaging! I've not found a powder blusher that lasts much longer than this so I'm not put off, will definitely be giving this blush a go - I love peachy pinks :) x

  13. Amazing review :) Very beautiful packing ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  14. the packaging reminds me a lot of the etude house blushes, i really wonder how no. 2 would look like.

  15. what a cute blusher!! all the colors are pretty!

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  16. Hey there, loved your blog, just followed you on GFC (215), would you mind to follow back?

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  17. the packaging is so adorable. i hate puffs like that because they don't really help at all.


    am following your lovely blog
    through GFC and Bloglovin.


    keyti of brushesandpens

  18. I'm totally going to buy this because it's sooooo cute!

  19. omq this packaging can not be any cuter-
    I just-
    Can I just keep this for display forever and never use it? ;A; So adorable, i just can't aifhugidhfjig-
    I really want that lovely pink color, hopefully I can get it soon!
    Thank you for the review! <3
    Please check out my blog if you have the time! ;v;

    ☆ gin ★

  20. D'aw! The packaging is too cute to resist! Gotta buy one for myself one of these days! ♥ Cute blog ^^



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