Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baviphat Peach Juicy Mask Sheet Review

Suuuper moisturizing- but not much else. The mask itself dried very quickly and fit very poorly. I'm not very impressed by my first Baviphat mask, but only time will tell how I like the others!
 Where to buy: - $1.20

I originally got mine from RoseRoseShop- but I suspect that these have been discontinued, since I can't seem to find them in stock anywhere. Oh well.

Description: Baviphat Peach Juicy Mask Sheet(Vital & Lifting) is perfect for the dehydrated and aging skin which lacks elasticity. It boosts skin hydration starting from the very inner layer while soothing and calming the troubled skin, bring the daylong comfort.
The Peach Juicy Mask Sheet(Vital & Lifting) comes with a strong and favourable peach note. Its effect is long lasting and with the sufficient hydration effect deep inside your skin, you can feel your skin it is lifted and surged in elasticity. The non-greasy texture offers daylong comfort for maintaining the perfect state of skin.

 long lasting hydration
 yummy peach scent
 increased elasticity

Ingredients: Unable to find ingredients :/

Scent: Whatever amazing artificial peach scent korean product developers use, they should continue. It smells just like etude house's cute panda peach thing. somewhere between mild and moderate, just so good.

Packaging: It's a charming idea~ A little jar full of peaches and serum!! It's not especially cute however, so mehh. The plastic itself is kind of hard to tear, and the sheet mask material is fairly thick. There is no plastic attached to the mask. The mask comes pretty well soaked, but not dripping like MBD masks.

Fit: SO TERRIBLE. The eye holes are giant, the mask is waaay too long, the mouth hole is too big. On the other hand, it has the nose part pre-cut so you can actually have it fit around your eye hole/nose bridge. The mask material is somewhere between the quite thin My Beauty Diary style and the annoyingly thick Etude House sort. You can tear it with a bit of effort, but you don't have to worry about accidentally ruining everything when unfolding it.

Note how much extra material there is- this mask is huuuge.

Results: So the first thing I noticed about this mask was the serum- it had a creamy/milky texture, rather than gel or watery like some. Because of this, there were no drips and it was a lot more moisturizing than any other mask I've tried before... I'd say it was around a 4-4.5/5 on the moisture scale. It could easily replace the emulsion or cream step for a lot of people. The consistency also allowed the mask to stick to my face quite well, which meant no having to constantly stick it back on!!

Unfortunately, the creamy consistency combined with a thicker sheet mask meant that it dried out more quickly than I'm use to. Parts of it were dry after only 20 minutes; I'm used to masks soaked in serum that take atleast 45 minutes to start drying out :/

Overall, I didn't see much of a difference in my skin beyond the moisture. My skin was slightly irritated from using an AHA product two days in a row, and this did nothing for the redness. Just moisture. It's not a terrible sheet mask, but I would much rather spend my money on a multifunctional product and use some extra cream to get the same results.

Conclusion: Final Score: 2.5/5

  • smells amazing
  • customizeable nose bridge/eye hole area (omg finally)
  • very moisturizing - about as good as a normal cream
  • possibly discontinued
  • terrible fit
  • no benefits other than moisture


  1. This looks good to try!

    - kat

  2. Too bad it didn't work very well. :( But the packaging is really cute! XD

  3. I never tried bavipat products but a lot of people seem to like them. It's interesting that it has a creamy consistency. Thanks for reviewing!

  4. Sheet masks are pretty hit and miss for me. I rarely see a real difference. Have to say, though, the packaging is really cute.

    1. Yea, this Baviphat series has been thoroughly unimpressive so far... I've had noticeable results with some My Beauty Diary masks though. We'll see how the rest work.

  5. I really love Korean sheet mask! I just bought a few on Gmarket, hopefully it will work well on my face ^^

    1. ahh i hope they work out for you! i'm too intimidated to order from Gmarket @_@

  6. i have never got the chance to try out baviphat products
    well i honestly i have never tried korean mask sheets bc i think it wont do much lol

    1. i think its like a lot of skincare products- you have to use them consistently and often to see results! i definitely notice a difference when i've recently used a sheet mask. my skin is a lot softer, hydrated, and just glows! but the key is finding a good mask at a good price C:

  7. I really hate too when mask have terrible fitting.


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