Sunday, July 21, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base (Mint) Review

Despite having super high hopes for this base (due partly to the adorable packaging) I'm not amazed with it... :/ More after the jump!
Where to get it:

  • - $11.88
  • - $11.00
  • - $12.88
  • - $10.89
  • - $9.81

  • Description: Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base is a creamy skin-correcting base that perfects the look of any BB cream. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft with a silky smooth finish. This base comes in three different shades to meet the needs of all skin tones.

    I chose the 'mint' color, because it's supposed to correct redness. There are two other shades as well- Peach and Berry. Peach is meant to 'correct' more yellow or sallow skintones, and Berry is for brightening pale tones!

     UV Protection
     Three 'shades'
     Absorbs quickly

     Water, Caprylyl, methicone, cyclopentasiloxane, ethylhexyl mexthoxycinnamate, titanium dioxide, ethylhexyl salicylate, cyclohexasiloxane, glycerin, dimethicone crosspolymer, butylene glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate, cetyl ethylhexaoate, cilica, cetyl peg/ppg-10/1 dimethicone, ethylhexyl trazone, butylene glycol, caprylyl methicone, sodium chloride, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, peg-12 dimethicone, quaterium-18 bentonite, triethoxycaprlylsilxane, gossypium herbaceum (Cotton) extract, taraxacum offinale (Dandelion) Rhizome/root extract, carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) Seed oil, lincolei acid, linolenic acid, salvia hispanica seed oil, ethylhexyl olivate, sodium potassium aluminum silicate, mica, alumina, disodium edta, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, ethylhexylglycerin 1,2-hexanediol, fragrance, CI 19140, Chromium oxide greens, ultramarines

    Packaging: This is going to be out of date, since Etude House recently changed the packaging of this product to tube form~ Having it in a tube is much more hygienic, which was one of the big complaints I had with this. It is without a doubt AMAZINGLY ADORABLE and sweet and cute and delicious looking, but... not hygienic. They do give you a little cosmetics spoon to use with it, so atleast there's that! The jar is made of glass, which lends a high-quality feel to it but also makes me paranoid about dropping it.

    Scent: Veeery mild scent, not sure how to describe it. I can't smell it when applying it, only when sniffing the product in the jar directly. Light, non-offensive.

    Swatch: So, I dunno if this was just me but this is really hard to blend in. I just used my fingers, so I might try using a different brush but yeeeaaa. It's a nice medium-weight cream that doesn't feel hydrating in the least, despite the marketing claims... once it's fully blended it does make my skin feel soft and silky though!

    Matte Finish

    Results: I have mixed feelings about this base. In addition to being hard to blend and coming in an unhygienic jar, I felt that it highlighted dry patches and made me look a bit ghostly-pale without any BB cream on top. :/ I definitely couldn't wear it by itself without looking sickly.

    On the other hand, it does a really good job of covering my (giant) pores and reducing redness. The brightened/whitened thing could be great for those with dull skin, but I just don't think it looked great on me. As a base, I didn't notice it helping reduce shine- in fact I think it kind of made my skin 'shinier' than usual after a few hours. I'm okay with that since I have dry skin, but those with oily skin might want to watch out. I will say that my BB cream looked quite nice on top of it- better than usual!

    However, I wouldn't repurchase it simply because I don't like having dry patches highlighted and find the texture to be hard to work with. I'm curious about the other colors, but I'm in no rush to buy them.


    1 Hour After (No BB Cream)
    I changed into pajamas...

    Conclusion: Final Score 3.7/5

    • adorable packaging
    • decent UV protection
    • reduces redness
    • makes skin look brighter/whiter
    • reduces appearance of pores 
    • soft/smooth finish
    • looks nice under BB cream
    • unhygienic packaging (corrected in the new tube version!)
    • hard to blend
    • matte finish that highlights dry patches
    • made me look kind of ghostly without BB cream on top / can't use by itself
    Have you tried this base out? How did your experiences compare? 


    1. I was wondering if i should get it or not x.x but i think it will look too white on me :x It looks great on you :O

      1. Aw i just forgot to say! I have a new blog now that i'll be posting things in english!

      2. Hurray! Following you now :) And yea idk it looks nice in this picture but irl it kind of looked like I had forgot to blend sunscreen in haha @_@ oh well~

    2. I have the peach version and it is a little difficult to blend and enhances dry spots too! Other wise it works quite well to even and brighten my skin out ^_^
      I'm also pretty excited about the tube packaging but then again, it doesn't look as cute haha

      1. I'm relieved to know it wasn't just me who found it a bit hard to blend. Thanks for the comment C:

    3. I was worried about this product and dry skin. Somehow I didn't buy it because of my worries although the packaging is really tempting. Thanks for reviewing :)

    4. hehehehe good thing i didnt buy this, im not pale for the berry one, i dont have yellow tones for the peach one, and my skin is that red or i don't experience redness for the mint one.

      it doesnt look that ghostly appearance and it hid the redness and your pores. worked fine for you. =)

    5. Interesting! I thought this would be moistuzing haha! Thank you for the review! I'm thinking of buying the one for pale skin cause my redness has been reduced a lot! It'd probably work better on oily skin :)

      1. Yea I thought it would be moisturizing as well, but nope :( I'm really happy to hear about your redness being reduced! If you get this, let me know what you think of it!

      2. the snail gel really fixed my redness! If i apply the cats wink mint base I look like a ghost now XD Also the towels with no softener helped as well.

    6. From memory, I found it a bit challenging to blend too. Which is why I skip it most days. :P So lazy. Lol. I'm glad they've changed the packaging, though. That was a major issue for some people.

    7. so glad i didnt buy this
      I was so close to buying this
      But then it hit me that would mean "caking product" and thatd make me oilier
      But on the other hand i have severe redness too :(

    8. Thanks for reviewing it..I was really curious if it suits for dry skin too..
      I was really tempted to buy this to cover my skin redness..but I think I'm gonna buy the peach one now..

      1. i look forward to seeing what you think of it C:

    9. Man, that one looks so good on you! I'm jealous! I got the berry one and just tried it the other day, it was way to greasy for me and made me look like a ghost, even with just a little on and BB over it! Thank you for reviewing!


      Fauunzies Finds ♡

      1. aw, i'm sorry to hear that! disappointing, but meh. are you going to try out some other colored bases, you think?

      2. I might eventually.... I haven't found any others that piqued my interest. Do you have any recommendations?

      3. Hmm I'm honestly not sure. I know Tony Moly has a few cute and cheap primers that do similar stuff to these. Laneige also makes some colored primers. I should really do more research, I'm just too lazy to use them myself lol @_@

    10. Seems to be not the best product for dry skin..

    11. Looks like an interesting product. I´m not sure is the right product to me! But the package is really pretty!

    12. Wonderful post..I really like your pretty blog.^^
      Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
      Let me know follow you then back.
      Lovely greets nessa

    13. I'm so glad you reviewed this! I'll be skipping it since we have similar skin types, but I appreciate not having to find out the hard way that it's not for me.

      1. I'm really happy that my reviews are helpful! C: x

    14. I have never tried japanese or korean makeup, but this looks pretty interesting and the packaging design is so cute.


    15. My T-Zone always gets oily after a few hours, do you think this would help with that at all? From what you said, it seems like it's no good for oily or dry skin!

    16. Hi! Nice post you have here. I bought the Berry version of Baby Choux base. It smells great and it does reduces the appearance of pores. :) I followed you on Google+ and GFC. Feel free to follow mine, too. :)

    17. really nice post :) very helpful~~ Followed you :D please follow mine too <3


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