Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hada Labo Tamagohada AHA+BHA Foaming Wash

A great non-drying or irritating foaming cleanser that's suitable for sensitive skin, read on to find out more! ~

Where to buy: - $13.00 for 160ml - $13.95 for 160ml (Japanese Edition)

If anyone knows any other reputable online stores where one can buy this, please let me know! :)

Description: Gently exfoliates skin to remove impurities, dirt & oil trapped within pores. Light & soft foamy texture polishes away dullness and refine skin’s texture for visibly clear, smooth & radiant skin. Skin pH balanced. Low irritation. Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant. This product should be used with a sunscreen product.

Claims to:
~ Cleanse (as one would hope)
~ Soften
~ Even out skintone
~ be non-drying

Ingredients: I can't find the ingredients anywhere. I might email them to see if I can get them, sorry everyone! :(

Packaging: No complaints. It's just a light blue circle-ish container with a nice pump. It takes about one to one and a half pumps to get enough foam for me to cover my face (one pump is fine, but I prefer extra!). No complaints about the packaging :) The foam comes out as very light and fluffy, quite luxurious really.

Fluffy, light, luxurious foamy foam!

Scent: No scent beyond a slight, unavoidable chemical-y smell. I honestly really enjoy the fact that it's unscented, that's one less thing to worry about irritating your skin. :)

Results: Ok. I'm going to ramble about this product with the expectation that you read my last post, Common skincare mistakes & what to avoid. If you didn't, you should atleast read the paragraphs about pH level because I'll be discussing that now :)

Ahem. The pH level of Hada Labo's AHA+BHA foaming wash is about 5. What this means is that it's great for a face wash, as its at the perfect range for healthy skin pH so it won't damage your acid mantle. What this also means is that it is basically useless as an AHA/BHA product- the bare minimum pH for an AHA product to be effective is 4, and for BHAs it's 3. So if you're looking at this as a way to get chemical exfoliation, look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a basic, non-irritating, non-drying, and overall solid foaming cleanser then this is it. :)

Slightly oranger than the yellow.

It does a pretty good job of cleaning makeup off without leaving your skin tight, dry, or 'squeaky clean' (squeaky clean is a bad sign!). My skin feels soft, smooth, and clean after using it. It's also unscented and alcohol free, which is great for sensitive skin! C: Unfortunately I'm almost out of it, so I can't take pictures of how well it removes makeup. :( I might update this later with more in depth pictures but for now it's my only foaming cleanser until my new one comes in.

Conclusion: Final score 4.8/5

  • perfect pH level for a cleanser
  • no dry/tight feeling
  • cleanses well
  • leaves skin soft and smooth
  • not too expensive
  • fragrance & alcohol free
  • pH level not low enough for effective exfoliation, contrary to what it claims
  • can be hard to find
I would definitely repurchase this face wash, but I'll try out a few more before returning just to see if there's anything better :)


  1. Nice review! And the pH level info and all! Very useful!

  2. I love foaming cleansers! This reminds me of the Biore Marshmallow Whip ^^ Thank you for the review! :D

  3. Using the pH strips to test it, so cool!

  4. Useful info and nice test for the pH :D Thanks!

  5. Since the packaging is in Chinese is the one Sasa sells still the Made in Japan version? I'm always scared they sell the Taiwan made or other equivalent under the "Made in Japan" price. I've heard really good things about this wash though! The ph test is really useful too!

    1. Hmm, it says 'Licensed by Rohto Pharmaceuticals Japan and manufactured by The Mentholatum Company" on the bottom so I'm unsure where it's made :/ Sorry! ):

  6. Nice review ^.^
    Thanks a lot for it ;)

  7. This is a good review, helpful to know the exfoliating ingredients (aha, bha) aren't active, I always like to calculate how much of each go on my skin. I don't want to overdry or irritate skin (: Glad you liked this cleanser though!

  8. i really appreciate you including the pH! adding this to my list of cleansers to try. thank you :D


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