Monday, August 12, 2013

Laneige Perfect Renew Emulsion Review

My favorite out of the two Perfect Renew products I've tried- it's really just lovely. It has everything I need in an emulsion, and smells nice to boot!
Where to buy: - $33.00 - $34.67 - $21 (on sale with only one left at the time of writing this) - $30.99 - $34.63 - $36.60

Description: Highly concentrated emulsion with immediate absorption. Lotion that fits into your skin tightly by absorbing moisture. Ceramide water addresses dryness, a cause of aging, and helps other ingredients absorb deep into the skin. Biosacharide gum forms a coated layer on the outler layer of skin, giving a doubled moisturizing effect. It allows smooth and moist skin everyday. Himalaya snow water that contains abundant snow minerals provides nutrition and vitality to the skin and realizes the transparent and pure skin from deep inside of skin.

 fast absorption
 contains ceramides for deep hydration
 'smooth and moist skin everyday'
 contains Himalayan snow water for nutrients

Ingredients: Unable to find online.

Scent: The same as the essence in this line- really, really, really good. It's a moderately fragranced product whose scent sticks around for about a minute after application. I just really love how it smells. It's very relaxing and reminds me of my skincare routine, which is one of my favorite parts of the day (after sleeping and food and getting home from work/school).

Packaging: Like with the essence, the blue bottle has a gradient pattern that looks quite elegant and nice. The shiny gold lettering makes it difficult to photograph, but in real life it looks quite nice and ~ luxurious ~. Unfortunately, the bottle is made of glass. It's thick, high quality glass... but I always have a mini heart-attack if I accidentally knock it over, and the glass makes it heavy and inconvenient to travel with.

Swatch: It's a light and slightly water-y emulsion that spreads easily and absorbs fairly quickly. It leaves my skin slightly shiny, but if you pat it in a bit then most of the shine fades away. It just makes your skin look and feel nice and dewy/moist. I use about two pumps to cover my face, but I think you could get away with less if you wanted.

strangely familiar consistency...

Results: I really like this emulsion! It's not as sticky as others I've tried in the past, and absorbs fairly quickly which means it's great for both morning and evening use. It leaves my skin feeling really nice and moist (sorry if you guys don't like that word loll), and layers nicely with other Asian skincare products. On a scale from 1-10, it's probably a 6 or so for hydration, but paired with a moisturizing toner and a good essence, it provides plenty of moisture!

I would say that using the Perfect Renew essence and emulsion paired together has had a slight brightening effect on my skin... but I'm not sure how much. I just really enjoy this emulsion for moisturizing, as it has everything I need in an emulsion. I have a bit over half left after 5 or so weeks of using 2-2.5 pumps morning and night. I think for the price, that's reasonable (much better than the essence...).

I have another skincare set to try out once I'm done with this stuff, but if that one doesn't work out then I would definitely think about repurchasing a Laneige emulsion.

Conclusion: Final Score: 5/5

  • nice packaging
  • nicely hydrating
  • leaves skin dewy
  • absorbs quickly
  • I'm scared of breaking the pretty glass bottle! 


  1. Thank you for the review it seems like a great product! ^0^

  2. Thanks for reviewing this product! It seems to be really nice *O*

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  4. I need to try this! I've been using the refiner and essence for quite a while now but haven't yet tried the emulsion with it all.

    Beauty Challenged

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  6. OOOO looks & sounds nice! I'll have to give it a go xx


  7. Great Review!
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