Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips Review (PBE102)


This is my first makeup review in quite awhile! I have a serious addiction to MLBB shades of lipsticks, and this one is no exception. While I quite like the lipstick for what it is, it definitely won't suit everyone... More after the jump.

Where to buy: - $10.40 - $9.85 - $13.48 - $12.60 - $12.30

Description: This perfumed smooth lipstick delivers a surge of moisture and a soft shimmering flush, giving your lips a gorgeous look.

All your Romantic Princess Dreams will come true

Packaging: It's Etude House. Of course it's adorable. The tube is made of matte white plastic, which gives it a slightly higher quality feel than other Etude House lipsticks. The cap snaps securely on, and the twist mechanism works fine. It's cute and it works.

Swatch: The color is a lovely coral-y MLBB shade that I like a lot. It's not super pigmented, but it's enough to cover my lips and give them a nicer appearance. The formula itself is moderately moisturizing. It won't replace your lip balm but it will help with any dryness you have. And maybe one of my favorite parts- it didn't emphasize dryness!



Results: The lipstick lasts about an hour on me (keep in mind I constantly lick my lips and nibble on them though...) It's not very long lasting... but it feels nice, smells nice, and looks nice. I use it as an everyday lipstick to help me look more 'put together'. Overall, I'd say that the price is reasonable for the quality if you're not looking for anything bright.

Conclusion: Final Score: 3.75/5
Don't buy this if you expect a ton of pigmentation, or a very long lasting lipstick. It's a great every day and very natural lipstick that smells nice, but it's not dramatic in the least- more of a moderate wash of flattering color. It's mildly moisturizing and doesn't highlight flakes or emphasize lines. Overall, I'd say I'm quite happy with it for what it is. I have a Dior lipstick that offers similar benefits that was a lot more expensive, and this has cuter packaging... I can't comment on the other shades however. This is solely for the PBE102 shade.

  • moisturizing
  • great "my lips but better" color
  • smells nice
  • adorable packaging
  • doesn't last very long
  • all of my Romantic Princess Dreams did NOT come true


  1. Rather than a lipstick, it sounds more like a lip tint now. I have heard a lot about this product, most reviews I read are negative. But gosh Etude's packaging pleases everyone, even if the quality is so-so you can be like 'sighh well at least the packaging is cute'.

    Ok I laughed at this "all of my Romantic Princess Dreams did NOT come true"

  2. The packaging is so kawaii ~ and the lipstick shade is gorgeous! Great post x

    imladiiekay | Beauty & Lifestyle blog ♡

  3. The product looks so cute and its packaging is very sweet! <3

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  4. Packaging and color takes it all ^^

  5. The packaging is beautiful, but I never bought any other etude house lipsticks, apart from ethe minnie mouse lipstick. The color is nice though! Thanks for the review :)

  6. This lipstick looks so cute! I'm not usually a big fan of Etude House but it is seriously growing on me. I actually am ordering their new Magic Any Cushion (in mint) off GMarket right now to give it a whirl hehe. The colour is really natural and nice, this sort of 'Dior Glow' look seems to be all the trend right now! But as you said, this one is definitely much better value ;)

  7. the etude house etoinette collection is so bloody adorable :)

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  8. Thanks for reviewing! I've been waffling over this shade since it came out. It looks really pretty. I haven't tried anything from the Princess Etoinette collex- could you describe the scent if you have a chance? Thx!

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  10. Very beautiful colour but it's a shame it's not that pigmented. I've been wanting to get alipstick from that collection, but maybe I will get one from the original formula since they are more pigmented, though the fact that it doesn't emphasize dryness is a very good characteristic.
    Thanks for the lovely review.

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  12. such a cute packaging !!
    and love the emboss on the lipstick !

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  13. Your blog's name oh my gosh <3 =^..^= so many lovely reviews too! I'd love to try that lipstick the packaging is just so lovely!
    Kitsune x

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  16. Awww the color is so light and pretty but just the bottle makes it worth of buying haha~

  17. Wow the colour is really sheer in comparison to the stick itself. It's still nice, though, it seems like a good way to subtly add some colour without being too bold. It looks really nice on you! ^^ {}

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  19. The packaging is SUPER CUTE! Its a bummer that it only stays on for like an hour though :( I actually really like the lip color because its really natural :) I wonder if its kinda like ELF lipstick?? Just in better and prettier packaging :P
    -Michele (shrimppaste)
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