Tuesday, February 25, 2014

GMarket Haul #1 (Sulwhasoo, Su:m37)

Sometimes you just get in the mood to haul. And sometimes you just got some money and want to try out nice brands. And sometimes you finally figure out how to use Gmarket. Sometimes...

Anyway yea, that's basically why I did this. It was an interesting experience, and I didn't even have to pay import fees!! I got the Sulwhasoo products from the same store, and the Su:m37 one from a different store. If anyone wants the links just let me know.

 The package!!

The package is opened!!!

My Skincare!!!
Left to Right
Sulwhasoo First Care Serum
Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Emulsion
Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Water
Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream
Su:m37° Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

You might have noticed that there are uniform, deep scratches on the Sulwhasoo products. They also did not come with any packaging. I asked on Reddit's r/AsianBeauty community, and someone suggested that it was to prevent them from being returned to a brick and mortar store, since the products were slightly cheaper than retail. I obviously did not know that when purchasing, so I am a bit disappointed since it kind of ruins the initial fancy experience.

But I'm okay with that. The Su:m37° product was packaged and in perfect, new condition. No complaints there. I've been using all of the products for a few days (I know I should patch test first but I don't have sensitive skin and I was excited...) and omggg they're amazingly magical. My skin is so soft and glowy. A proper review will be out in roughly a month's time, so look out for that. :)

Also I bought 20 packages of instant ramen.


  1. That really sucks they scratched it out like that -_- it looks terrible. =( Why couldn't they have slapped some kind of sticker on it or something that won't come off, on the bottom? Boooooo! I'm excited for these reviews! I hope you'll be back blogging more =)

  2. Oh, a pitty that they are scratched. i never ordered at Gmarket before. It looks so complicated...I'm curious about your review for the products.

  3. I thought it my laptop glitching up at first! o_o It looks "meh", but I guess the product inside is still the same. xD I've been obsessing over Sulwhasoo lately and will have a haul as well - waiting for your reviews hehe ^_^

  4. Dangg they shouldn't have crossed it out like that. Kinda ruined the pretty packaging :( Looking forward to the review :)

  5. Too bad about the scratches :( I've heard good things about the su:m37.. looking forward to the reviews!

  6. Ooooo I want to try this brand of skin care but oh so bad of them to have scratches on them >.<

    恵美より ♥

  7. can i hv the link for both? thanks

  8. Very nice haul ! I will be waiting for your reviews ~~


  9. eeeee, the scratches.
    I loved that last sentence. AHAHA I didn't expect that coming. LOOL
    Gotta love that instant ramen. <><>
    Can't wait for reviews! <3



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